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The Intersection of Race, Politics, and Sports Today

Gary M. Pomerantz, historian, journalist and Stanford University lecturer, examines the relationship between sports and race today.


22 Book Gifts for Everyone on Your List

It's gift-giving season and with books you can give context, insight, and intelligence to those on your list with the help of these 22 perfect book gifts.


10 Collections That Celebrate the Voices of Black Poets

Whether you are inclined to rise and resist or love and liberate, you'll find what you seek in these books that celebrate the voices of Black poets.


10 Things to Feel Bad About That Are Unique to This Decade

Orli Auslander, author of I Feel Bad, which is now a TV series on NBC, shares a list of ten reasons why she feels bad this decade.


19 Shorts Every American Should Read to Understand Politics Today

As the 2018 midterm elections approach, we're encouraging Americans to read these shorts that cover healthcare, women's rights, truth in politics, and more.


Why Women Aren’t, Actually, Too Angry or Too Loud

As accusations arise from Brett Kavanaugh’s history, the phenomenon of the double standard as it applies to anger and gender becomes once again evident.