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19 Best Books to Understand Fascism and How It Works

These books, fiction and nonfiction, shed light on the origins of fascism and the mechanisms that allow fascism to operate, even in our world today.


William Cooper and the Fall of Truth and Trust in America

Journalist and author Mark Jacobson revisits William Cooper and conspiracy theories to examine the state of America today.


John McCain on the Down Definition of ‘Courage’

The late John McCain took a tough - and discussion-worthy - stance on the definition of courage. Herewith, his thoughts on what constitutes courage.


From Christina Dalcher to Javier Marias: The Best Books of August 2018

Debuts by Christina Dalcher and Nico Walker, hard-hitting nonfiction, a new volume from Javier Marias, and more: These are our favorites of August 2018.


11 Books Where Poetry and Politics Overlap

Here’s a look at 11 collections of poetry that make impressive use of the form and offer readers an increased perspective on the contemporary world.


What I Learned from Spending My 20s Working in the White House

Beck Dorey-Stein, author of the memoir From the Corner of the Oval, divulges the most important lesson she learned while working at the White House.