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21 Best Books on Prisons, Incarceration, and the Justice System

Readers who would like to increase their knowledge of prisons are invited to read these books, which provide a window into what happens behind prison walls. 


Jennifer Finney Boylan on Writing Her Riveting Thriller, Long Black Veil

Jennifer Finney Boylan joins Lindsay to talk about her novel Long Black Veil. They talk murder, historical figures, and intrigue.


The Banned Books Michigan Prisoners Aren’t Allowed to Read

Banned books are still a thing, you guys! This, Kurt Andersen's reflections on crazy America, and more - all in today's Daily Blunt.


Shaka Senghor on Fixing the United States’ Prison System

Shaka Senghor spent 19 years in prison, and has become a leading voice in criminal justice reform. Here, he identifies the areas where change is necessary.


Chris Hayes on the Race-based History of America’s Carceral State

Chris Hayes's "A Colony in a Nation" offers a deeply researched examination of the current and historical forces driving our ever-expanding carceral state.


First Husbands, Second Wives, and Writing: A Q&A with Jane Corry

Signature went behind the books with Jane Corry to discuss her reading and writing habits and the publication of her debut thriller, My Husband's Wife.