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Aldous Huxley’s Role in the History of Psychedelic Science

Aldous Huxley wagered his professional reputation in 1954 when he published The Doors of Perception, describing his experiences with the drug mescaline.


Winston Churchill Reporting: The Many Lives of the Great Statesman

It was not as a soldier but as a journalist that Winston Churchill first experienced war up-close, disabusing him of any romance for the field of battle.


The Enduring Appeal of ‘Middlemarch’ Author George Eliot

“The trick of Dickens," wrote Jonathan Lethem, "is that it is only easy to say what he wasn’t. Basically, he wasn’t George Eliot.”


Bright Scythe: Impressions of the Mind of Tomas Tranströmer

Tomas Transtromer's poetry and life reveal the deep emotion that affects all individuals.


White Eskimo: How Knud Rasmussen Opened the World to Arctic Travel

Biographer Stephen Bown, author of White Eskimo, joins us to discuss the pioneering work of Arctic explorer Knud Rasmussen.


White, Thurber, and Gibbs: The New Yorker's Talented Triumvirate

In Cast of Characters, Thomas Vinciguerra paints a portrait of the extraordinary writers who founded the New Yorker magazine.