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Vivid Ephemera: 13 Quotes From Psychedelic Literature

A little chemical assistance goes a long way in writing. Just ask Tom Robbins and Hunter S. Thompson, whose minds went in different, wild directions.


A Good Trip: 6 Books on the Upside of Psychedelics

For 30 days, Ayelet Waldman microdosed on LSD to improve her mood. Waldman's story and others offer a curious peephole into a new world of psychedelics.


Aldous Huxley’s Role in the History of Psychedelic Science

Aldous Huxley wagered his professional reputation in 1954 when he published The Doors of Perception, describing his experiences with the drug mescaline.


Acid Test: The Long, Strange Trip of Psychedelic Therapy

Tom Shroder's new book, Acid Test, is a thoughtful, provocative book about the therapeutic promise of psychedelic drugs, against a backdrop of two ruinous conflicts: the war on drugs and the war in Iraq.


Five Psychedelic Reads to Blow Your Mind

Renowned neurologist Oliver Sacks, whose new book explaining the science behind hallucinations, is hardly the only writer looking to open the doors to higher consciousness with a little help from magic pills or powders. We provide you with a list of other psychedelic memoirs and biographies to blow your mind.