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A Cold-Blooded Countess and the Birth of Jackdaw Hammond

Rebecca Alexander, author of The Secrets of Life and Death, joins us to reveal the true (and truly sadistic) story of Elizabeth Báthory, a Transylvanian Countess with a suspicious interest in young blood...


Forbidden Fruits: A Journey Inside the Criminal Mind with Dr. Samenow

In 1984, Samenow wrote Inside the Criminal Mind, a book that taught readers how criminals see themselves and their potential victims. We recently interviewed Samenow regarding his theories, the new edition of his book, and how we might better protect ourselves from criminals.


Monsters of Malpractice: 5 Evil Physicians of Nazi Germany

The infamous "Dr. Death" of the Mauthausen concentration camp was, unfortunately, only one of many evil SS doctors. Here are five of the worst.


The Sociopath Next Door to the Psychopath

Sociopathy vs. Psychopathy. What's the difference? Dr. Dean Haycock helps demystify the matter by discussing the DSM-5, the current climate in academic circles, and how clarification around the term "sociopath" is desperately needed.