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I Quit! 11 Quotes on the Luxury of Giving Up

There's no failure in acknowledging when something has finally run its course; in the meantime, these quotes about giving up may add purpose to your woe.


Getting a Grip: 11 Literary Quotes About Hands

Hands are one of our species' defining traits - hence our symbolic obsession. Here are some quotes about hands by authors who've explored this phenomenon.


You Want It When? 12 Quotes About Procrastination

As summer ends and everyone heads back to school, it's important to remember that procrastination is more than a bad habit - it's a time-honored tradition.


Touch, Listen, Remember: 10 Temple Grandin Quotes

The famous animal expert and autism activist turns 71 this week; we're celebrating with a batch of Temple Grandin quotes from her bibliography and beyond.


Borrowed Seasons: 9 Quotes From Modern African Poets

A continent's voices intertwine in this collection of great lines from African poets.


Unbearable Whiteness: 13 Quotes on Our ‘Two Americas’

As racism draws crowds and counter-protests in Washington D.C., we turn to our bookshelves for commentary on the perils of unchecked white power.