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8 Quotes About Endings, Happy or Otherwise

To make way for new beginnings, all good things -- literary or otherwise -- must come to an end. Here's some timeless author wisdom on the subject.


Unto Us, So Much Is Given: 9 Quotes About Gratitude

This week we’re called on to give thanks, but not everyone knows how. These authors offer advice on finding gratitude within yourself.


Too Much Truth: 9 Quotes About Keeping Secrets

The act of holding something back transforms us, and so does the act of releasing it -- as the following authors will tell you.


Shades of Night: 9 Quotes About the Color Blue

In anticipation of a long-awaited "blue wave," we consult our favorite authors for symbolic impressions of this contemplative hue.


We Did Not Make Ourselves: Quotes About Ancestors

No one who is born is ever truly alone. These quotes remind us of the importance of honoring our ancestors - a necessary component of self-discovery.


Are You There God? 9 Judy Blume Quotes

Judy Blume has finally allowed a film adaptation of 'Are You There, God? It's Me, Margaret.' Herewith, some wisdom courtesy of these Judy Blume quotes.