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Infinite Facts: 15 Quotes on the Importance of a Free Press

"Fake News" cries notwithstanding, Americans had better find some faith in the institution of the free press while we've still got one.


She Said, He Said: Quotes by Alice Munro & Oliver Sacks

With their rich descriptions of the way we experience our own interior worlds, these two literary greats complement each other when quoted side by side.


The Weight of the Past: 8 Nathaniel Hawthorne Quotes

The author of The Scarlet Letter shares a birthday with America, and also shares our skepticism of religious justifications for oppression.


Beyond Big Brother: 12 Obscure Orwell Quotes

Marking Orwell's birthday this week, we take a deep dive into the wartime realities he documented long before 1984 made him into a political prophet.


A Guilty System: 12 Quotes on the Innocence of Children

No child is prepared to cope with being forcibly separated from their family, as the following quotes remind us.


Summertime Sadness: 14 Wise Quotes About Grief

These quotes contain insights that illuminate the dark intricacies of grief and all that it entails. Look to them in your darkest hours.