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The Importance of Indie Bookstores Today, Tomorrow, and Always

Louise Miller, author of The Late Bloomers' Club, on the important role that indie bookstores play in the lives of both readers and writers.


19 ‘Great American Read’ Picks That Have Been Made Into Classic Movies

"The Great American Read" premieres Tuesday, May 22 at 8/7c on PBS stations. Here's a sneak peek at nominated books have been adapted into classic movies.


Two Important Tips to Improve Your Nonfiction Writing

Robert Kurson, author of Rocket Men, shares two tips he's used to improve his writing since the publication of his first book, Shadow Divers.


8 Books That Celebrate the Way Words Shape Our Lives

In their work, each of the authors on this list examine how language isn’t just a necessity, but a remarkable life sustaining gift.


Why Books on the Craft of Writing Are Worth a Read

No matter the level of writer, there’s always room to grow. Books on writing expose new approaches to the craft to learn, and new perspectives to study.


Why We Read: The Case for Books as a Means to Many Ends

Reading offers so much more than bouts of entertainment, lending to its practitioners relief from stress, support in trying times, and more.