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Still Spying: The Thing About Alfred Hitchcock’s ‘Rear Window’

What is it about human nature that Alfred Hitchcock so perfectly appealed to in his 1954 classic, 'Rear Window'?


Hot Fun: 9 Best Summer Movies of the Last 9 Decades

Let’s look back at the last nine decades and name the best summer movies of each, shall we?


'Before I Go to Sleep' and 8 Tense Disabled-Protagonist Thrillers

It's an oft-used thriller shortcut: afflicting the protagonist with a physical or mental limitation from the start.


Storytelling Through a 'Rear Window' Featuring Susan Minot

Susan Minot presented a screening of Alfred Hitchcock's 'Rear Window,' followed by discussion after covering books, screenwriting, and more.


Video: B*tches in Bookshops Drop Beats, Name-Drop Authors

An unexpected fan of Edith Wharton, artistic interpretations of classic movies, and re-assembling Jimmy Stewart's 'Rear Window' view, all in today's roundup.