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The Rich History of Color, and Why It’s So Hard to Choose a Favorite

Kassia St. Clair, author of The Secret Lives of Color, sheds light on the unknown, vivid stories behind some of her all-time favorite colors.


Sarah Dunant on 5 Things She Learned from the Borgias

I remember a cartoon in magazine once: Lucrezia Borgia in a sexy vamp renaissance outfit, sits eating at a table alone, while at her feet lay a slew of bodies. The line underneath reads: “When dinin


Ugly Love: Michelangelo’s Unlikely Muse in Tommaso de’ Cavalieri

In this excerpt from Alexander Lee's new book The Ugly Renaissance, Lee explores Michelangelo's genius that sprang from his tumultuous and unrequited love for the Renaissance heart-throb Tommaso de’ Cavalieri.


Nostradamus: a Renaissance Physician-Astrologer Turned Prophet of Doom

Nathan Gelgud illustrates his interpretation of Stéphane Gerson's biography of Nostradamus, Renaissance physician-astrologer and "prophet of doom."


Heretics, Heroes and Renaissance Men

Who were the artists and politicians most influential during the cultural awakening during the Renaissance? We explore some noteworthy figures who helped fill the pages of Thomas Cahill's Heretics and Heroes: How Renaissance Artists and Reformation Priests Created Our World.


Popes, Poison & Politics: 5 Books On the Renaissance’s Feuding Families

With the release of G.J. Meyer's The Borgias: The HIdden History, we look at five family biographies that give the real scoop behind the infamous intrigue and nefarious scheming that defined the Renaissance. These battling broods prove that truth can be more scandalous than fiction.