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From Journalist to Novelist: A Journey to Fiction Writing

Fiona Davis, author of The Address, discusses how the tools of journalism, like research and revision, helped her to become a fiction writer


Lights, Camera, Write: 10 Non-Negotiable Rules for Hollywood Reporting

Critically acclaimed entertainment reporter Stephen Galloway reveals expert tips and tricks for reporting in the celebrity-filled world of Hollywood.


Joan Didion’s 1970 Trip to Mississippi, Illustrated

In 1970, Joan Didion had lunch with Stan Torgerson, the white owner of the local black radio station in Meridian, Mississippi. She did not enjoy it.


Winston Churchill Reporting: The Many Lives of the Great Statesman

It was not as a soldier but as a journalist that Winston Churchill first experienced war up-close, disabusing him of any romance for the field of battle.


The Death of a Friend, War’s Ultimate Lesson of Loss

Robert Patton, author of Hell Before Breakfast, joins Signature to talk about MacGahan and Millet, war reporters who learned the ultimate lesson of loss through their joined friendship.