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You May Also Like: Tom Vanderbilt on Taste and Endless Choice

Tom Vanderbilt, author of You May Also Like, discusses how technology has changed the way we choose everything from movies to bolt-cutters.


’13 Hours’: Hollywood Spectacle – or Simple Agitprop?

'13 Hours’ is now in theaters, but is this the time – or the way – Hollywood should approach U.S./Middle East affairs?


Neo-Lolita Horror Story of Sorts: A Review of ‘Lamb’

There’s nothing uncontroversial about the story told in ‘Lamb.’ Here’s our review.


On Charlie Kaufman, ‘Anomalisa’ & Naval Gazing: A Review

‘Anomalisa’ may be the most meta-narcissistic movie ever written by Charlie Kaufman. But wait – there’s more.


The Riveting and Brutal ‘The Revenant’: Review

Alejandro González Iñárritu’s latest, ‘The Revenant’ starring Leonardo DiCaprio, is not for everyone – but may be one of year’s best films.


Melodrama Saps ‘Joy’: A Review of Jennifer Lawrence’s Latest

David O. Russel’s ‘Joy,’ starring Jennifer Lawrence, could have used a little more direction. Here’s our review.