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Setting the River on Fire: On Robert Lowell's Writing and Mental Illness

Nathan Gelgud examines Kay Redfield Jamison's exploration of the ways in which Robert Lowell's bipolar disorder informed his work.


6 Books on the Struggles of Bipolar Disorder

Almost three percent of the U.S. adult population is affected by bipolar disorder. Here are 5 honest and eloquent books on struggling with bipolar disorder.


The Rocky Love Between Poet Robert Lowell and Caroline Blackwood

To honor the death of famed poet Robert Lowell, we reflect on his tempestuous relationship with Caroline Blackwood, a paramour of wildly influential proportions.


Poetic injustice: The 5 Most Fascinating Poet Biopics Never Made

'The Sessions' arrives in theaters with a stockpile of rave reviews and a swarm of Oscar buzz so don’t be surprised if poets receive their long-overdue moment in the pop-culture spotlight.