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‘Birth of a Nation’ and 10 Essential Movies About Slavery

'The Birth of a Nation' is the latest in a list of movies about slavery that are essential when coming to understand the history of slavery in America.


Why the 2016 ‘Roots’ Remake is Required American Viewing

You could make a strong case for 2016 as the year America needed a 'Roots' remake, but first let's understand what all this 'trauma fatigue' talk is about.


Roots Redux: Cast and Crew Reveal How ‘Roots’ Happened

A look inside the making of "Roots," a look back at the personal life of Nancy and Ronnie, and more in today's midweek look at the world of entertainment.


Laura Dern to Star in Alex Gibney Drama on Death Row Inmates

In today's Daily Blunt, Laura Dern is a double threat, the long-awaited "Roots" trailer is finally here, and more.


Casting 'Roots': Anna Paquin and Forest Whitaker Climb Aboard

We're heading into the weekend with new on 'Roots,' Elizabeth Banks's 'Charlie's Angels,' and more.


Malachi Kirby Joins 'Roots' Remake as Kunta Kinte

The forthcoming remake of ‘Roots’ is taking shape, with Malachi Kirby joining cast member Laurence Fishburne.