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Watch: Altered ‘IT’ Trailer Replaces Pennywise With The Cat in the Hat

Today's roundup also gives us Joe Manganiello: Screenwriter, and introduces 21st century kids to a gay, black Santa Claus. Time for your Daily Blunt!


John Gluck, Jr.: The ‘Santa Claus Man’ Who Conned NYC

The scam of the Santa Claus Association is the subject of the rollicking new yule book 'Santa Claus Man,' Alex Palmer's true tale of a Jazz Age conman.


Jingle Bios: 4 Biographies and Memoirs of the Real Santa Claus

How the story of old Saint Nick traveled around the globe, interpreted in various ways by so many cultures, is the subject of these merry biographies and memoirs.


New 'Aliens' Video Game Contains No Playable Female Characters

Also in our post-weekend roundup: Angelica Huston's always been a stunner, protecting the world's children from evil, and sad news regarding Gabriel Garcia Marquez.