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The Making of a Dream Project: Liz Hannah on Writing ‘The Post’

We caught up with screenwriter Liz Hannah to discuss the process of getting 'The Post,' starring Tom Hanks and Meryl Streep, to the big screen.


Why the World is Finally Ready for More Joan Didion Adaptations

With a gradual shift towards appreciation of female self-possession, cinema finally may be ready to embrace Joan Didion's novels and essays.


A Conversation with the Screenwriter of ‘The Girl on the Train’

Erin Cressida Wilson, the screenwriter of ‘The Girl on the Train,’ sits down with Signature to talk about sociopathy, Paula Hawkins, the movie, and more.


Pushing the Boundaries: Nina Sadowsky on Film and Writing

We chatted with Nina Sadowsky about her debut novel, Just Fall, her screenwriting past, and the delicious problem of the morally ambiguous character.


Dirty Job: ‘Knight of Cups’ & 12 Movies on the Screenwriting Life

Oscar-nominated writer-director Terrence Malick has applied his otherworldly aesthetic and philosophical rumination to critically acclaimed films such as “Days of Heaven” (1978), “The Thin Red L


You’re Welcome: ‘Sniper’ Writer Turns to the Home Front for ‘Service’

Jason Hall, fresh from writing the script to "American Sniper," is now tasked with capturing the realities of war in another book-based-movie: David Finkel's 'Thank You For Your Service.' Doing it right will be the challenge.