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4 Books That Showcase Different Perspectives on World War II

As with many stories we tell about ourselves, the truth about World War II is far more complicated than can be captured in a soundbite culture.


Woman No. 17 Author Edan Lepucki Talks Reading, Writing, and More

Edan Lepucki joins Amy, of Beaks and Geeks, to talk performance art, class in California, and which books she reads over and over again.


Sana Krasikov on Becoming a Novelist and Her Inspiration for The Patriots

Sana Krasikov joins Beaks & Geeks to talk about her book, The Patriots, along with the inspiration behind the book, and the transition to novel writing.


Five Simple Ikigai Tips for City Living from the Village of Longevity

Héctor García, author of Ikigai and citizen of Japan, shares 5 Ikigai-inspired tips to help us to live healthier, longer, and more meaningful lives.


Lit Undisclosed: 3 Novels Driven by Deep Secrets

None of us are strangers to secrecy, right? Three new novels are shaped and shift around big secrets living at the core of the plot.


The Stories We Tell, and the Secrets We Keep

In the documentary "Stories We Tell," director and actress Sarah Polley discovers that what she thought she knew about her mother, an actress who died when Polley was eleven, has only a glancing relationship with the truth.