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19 Best Books to Understand Fascism and How It Works

These books, fiction and nonfiction, shed light on the origins of fascism and the mechanisms that allow fascism to operate, even in our world today.


Samantha Irby Proves That Humor is a Powerful Weapon Against Despair

Author Samantha Irby has potent wit and humor, and masterful writing skills: all powerful weapons against the dark.


A Look Back at The Feminine Mystique, Which Turns 55 This Year

Fifty-five years after The Feminine Mystique was written, gender equality remains a worthy but elusive goal on the American landscape.


The Sensational Allure of Lost Books in Fiction and Nonfiction

It's a tragedy when a book is destroyed or lost - we can't help but wonder what we missed out on. Perhaps this is why we're drawn to stories about them.


8 Crucial Books for Fans of Octavia E. Butler to Read Now

If you consider yourself a fan of Butler, you’ll want to make sure you have each of the titles on this list included in your personal library.


Garrard Conley on Identity and Surviving Conversion Therapy

Garrard Conley, author of Boy Erased, discusses his experiences with gay conversion therapy, and gives advice to those struggling to find their identity.