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9 Best Characters in Literature Inspired by Real People

These fictional characters in literature are some of the best and most-well loved, and they're all inspired by very real people.


The Sherlock Holmes Extended Universe: Spin-offs, Histories, and More

Arthur Conan Doyle's legendary fictional sleuth Sherlock Holmes continues to inspire countless adaptations. Read on if you never want to leave Holmes behind.


Trailer Surfaces For Fan-Made Discworld Film

Inspired by Terry Pratchett’s Discworld series, “Troll Bridge” isn’t like most other films – it’s spent over a decade in production, and is entirely fan-made. Such


The Secret to Writing a Shrewd But Sympathetic Character

I’d never thought of Sebastian St. Cyr as a Sherlockian character, probably because while he’s intelligent, observant, and analytical, he’s also so very emotional and passionate. Sebastian’s l


18 Essential Classic Books to Read Before You Die

Remember all those books that you were supposed to read in your English classes and lit courses but never did? It turns out, they are worth a second look.


Oscar Watch: Is 2017 the Year of Sex for the Academy Awards?

What better way to kick off awards season chatter than with sex? This, more from the mind behind 'The Lobster,' and more in today's Daily Blunt.