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All of Sophie Kinsella’s Writing Secrets Right Here

Well, maybe not all of them - but we’ve got the one that might matter the most. Read on for this and more from Sophie Kinsella.


Loads of Laughs: All the Best Funny Books You Need Now

Stressful times got you down? To help us all over the hump of these uncertain times, we’ve pulled together a ton of funny books to get the dopamine going.


Sophie Kinsella on Our Quest for a Perfect Social Media Life

Sophie Kinsella, author of My Not So Perfect Life, argues the drive to look happy and cool online can turn into a veritable arms race.


Best Books of February 2017: George Saunders to Joyce Carol Oates

From George Saunders's first novel to a meditation from Joyce Carol Oates on abortion in small-town America, these are the best books of February 2017.


Shopaholic in Hollywood: Sophie Kinsella on Becky B.'s Latest

Shopaholic creator Sophie Kinsella reveals the Hollywood roots of Becky Bloomwood's latest adventure.


Lessons from Venice in August, by Sophie Kinsella

For Signature’s That Summer series, in which authors share the stories of the summer that shaped them, Sophie Kinsella looks back to her last summer before becoming a parent – and what she learned on that summer’s trip to Venice.