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A Fiercely Passionate Nation: 10 Best Books to Understand Argentina

The books and novels below, most written by Argentinian authors, are a cross-section of the creative outlets developed within Argentina’s vibrant culture.


Beyond Bolivar: 8 of the Best Venezuela Books Available

Venezuela is top of mind these days, but how much do we really know about this nation? Herewith, the best Venezuela books to know it better.


A Vibrant Nation Torn by Violence: The Best Books About Colombia

These books will explore the South American nation of Colombia: a place filled with natural beauty and resources, but also plagued by decades of violence.


Unearthing the Story: Q&A with ‘The 33’ Author Hector Tobar

As 'The 33' comes to theaters, read what Pulitzer-winning author Héctor Tobar has to say about the adaptation and more.


Stories for Hispanic Heritage Month

Hispanic Heritage Month straddles two calendar months, running from September 15 through October 15. Given that the very idea of what is “Hispanic” straddles a multitude of cultures, geographies and political histories, that chronological designation seems fitting. Here’s a selection of books that reflect the diversity of experiences that have led to the idea of contemporary Hispanic culture.


The Anatomy of Adventure: A Q&A With Scott Wallace, Author of The Unconquered

Signature catches up with Wallace, whose journey deep into the heart of the Amazon to find the last uncontacted tribe brought him a lot more than simple adventure.