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What Distinguishes Catalan Cuisine from the Rest of Spanish Food

This tradition of combining food from the “sea and mountains” is part of Catalan's culture, which differs slightly from the rest of Spain.


8 Cerebral, Visceral Novels by Spanish Writer Javier Marías

Spanish writer Javier Marías is the recipient of numerous prestigious literary awards. Here, we list 8 cerebral, visceral novels by Marías.


Novel Itinerary: Why Reading Fiction Makes for Good Travel

So often we dive into travel guides when preparing for a big trip – but there’s also real value in reading fiction before heading out.


The Devils of Cardona: Behind the Books with Matthew Carr

Matthew Carr, author of Devils of Cardona, discusses his writing routine, the goodness of others, and the importance of patience in storytelling.


How to Read Ernest Hemingway's The Sun Also Rises

In her new matryoshka doll of a book, Everybody Behaves Badley, Lesley M. M. Blume fills us in on the story behind The Sun Also Rises.


George Orwell in Spain, Where He First Fully Found His Voice

Adam Hochschild, author of Spain In Our Hearts, explains how George Orwell, unlike any other writer of his time, best captured the Spanish Civil War.