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Samantha Irby Proves That Humor is a Powerful Weapon Against Despair

Author Samantha Irby has potent wit and humor, and masterful writing skills: all powerful weapons against the dark.


Tamora Pierce on How She Started Writing Female Heroes

Author Tamora Pierce discusses the lack of heroines in fantasy books when she was growing up, and the effect it had on her writing.


Literary Primer to Intersectionality: 11 Essential Texts for Every Feminist

We’ve crafted a primer of feminist texts that best illustrate what intersectionality means, whose lives it impacts most, and how to use the word.


20 Years Later, The Vagina Monologues Are as Important as Ever

The Vagina Monologues is only celebrating its 20th anniversary, but has raised over $100 million for programs aimed at stopping violence against women.


12 Best Books Celebrating Women Writers of the Asian Diaspora

Through storytelling, the women on this list offer readers a dynamically distinct perspective on the way tradition and family can define a person.


Read These 8 Books if You Liked ‘She’s Gotta Have It’

Each of the books on this list center around women who define who they are on their own terms, whose journeys are rooted in living their truth.