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10 Best Books on Personal Style and Fashion

From memoirs and biographies to visual guides, these books delve deep into the past, present, and future of personal style.


The 28 Best Books on Writing

Writing is hard, and defining yourself as a writer can be even harder. Here's our exhaustive list of the best books on writing when the blank page beckons.


The Fabric of Becoming: A Memoir from Style Whisperer Betty Halbreich

Betty Halbreich's fashion memoir I’ll Drink to That is not a memoir of doing, like Wild or Eat, Pray, Love, but of becoming, in the style of Comfort Me With Apples or The Glass Castle.


A Capital Crime: Where is Elmore Leonard’s Definitive Biography?

It's a crime he doesn't have one yet. Elmore Leonard, who died last week at 87, left us with 45 novels and a legacy of thorough, lean and entertaining writing. While he's perhaps best known for his famous 10 Rules for Writing, we explore his research styles, his upbringing, and his influence on modern media, leading us to ask why Leonard has yet to be given a definitive biography.


The Perpetual Empress of Style: On Diana Vreeland

As Diana Vreeland herself might have said, in her swooping, scratchy baritone, 'Diana Vreeland is having a moment,' even now, decades after she took her family's motto to its limits.


Ego and Excess: Lives In Fashion

Can't get enough of New York Fashion Week? If you’ve been eagerly refreshing online slideshows, squinting to identify the starlets in the front row, and mentally assembling the perfect outfit to get snapped by the street-style bloggers outside Lincoln Center, we’ve rounded up the best biographies and memoirs to feed your fashion frenzy. Whether you’re looking for coffee-table-worthy galleries of gorgeous gowns, or dirt-dishing memoirs best enjoyed with a martini in hand, these books let you peek behind the scenes of this back-scratching, back-stabbing industry, guided by the designers, models, and muses who have witnessed its excesses firsthand.