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A Look at Women in Business and Tech, Then and Now

The tech and business worlds construct walls and ceilings that restrict women’s movements, but the authors and subjects of these books are breaking in.


DJ Khaled on Success: Don’t Chase the Money, Let It Chase You

Music industry mogul DJ Khaled discusses the complications that arise when money is the sole motivation for someone's actions.


Your Calling Is More Powerful Than Your Resume

Tama Kieves, the author of Thriving Through Uncertainty, has an important message for anyone who feels called to teach, write, share, or speak up.


The Importance of Embracing Failure, Rather Than Avoiding It

Podcast host, CEO, and author Carrie Kerpen shares the story of her friend and entrepreneur, Reshma Saujani, who failed before achieving great success.


Former Google Career Pro Jenny Blake Talks Work, Life, and More

Jenny Blake, author of Pivot, talks about work, life, e-mail parties, trolls, and everything in between on this Beaks & Geeks episode.


The Cultural Significance of “Awesome” and “Cool” in Today’s World

What does it mean to be “cool” these days? Nick Riggle, author of On Being Awesome, takes a look at awesomeness and coolness and how it's defined today.