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Top 10 Debut Novels to Read Before Summer 2018 is Over

Even though summer 2018 is almost over, there’s still time to enjoy a few debut novels before the heat of August dissipates and fall officially begins.


10 Summer-Themed Thrillers to Add to Your Reading List

Here are a few of our favorite suspense-fueled thrillers that keep the scorching summer heat front and center on every page. 


15 Shocking Thrillers to Read This Summer

These fifteen thrilling books are guaranteed to give you spine-tingling chills that'll combat the dreaded summer heat and keep you on the edge of your seat.


Chasing the Sun: 7 Quotes About Summer to Keep the Season Alive

We're as reluctant as you to let go of summertime. With that, we present these seven quotes about summer by writers who said it better than we ever could.


8 Books You May Have Missed This Summer (But Still Have Time to Read)

Summer isn’t over yet! We’ve got time before the Equinox – so your opportunity to relax on a warm day with one of these great books hasn’t passed.


13 Quotes Welcoming the Magic (and Heat) of Summer Solstice

The summer solstice has left us lolling along lazily, dreaming of great quotes from some of our favorite authors, in celebration of the season.