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The Deep End: Why Americans Love Olympic Swimming

Every four years, we Americans become obsessed with Olympic swimming. Why is that? Claire Kells opines.


Find a Way: 5 Swimming Memoirs For Wave Makers

Diana Nyad's memoir 'Find a Way' is just one of many swimming memoirs in which women battle against the open water.


I’d Rather Drown Than Quit: Claire Kells on ‘Girl Underwater’

Claire Kells shares her relationship with swimming: how it was first a chore, then a choice, and then -- after an injury -- something only writing could help relieve.


All That’s Left to Wonder: Philip Hoare on Swimming the Ocean’s Skin

Despite never learning to swim until twenty-five years old, Philip Hoare has since sailed the world's oceans, documenting his travels in his recent memoir The Sea Inside. Here Hoare joins us to discuss what continues to delight him out at sea.