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Stay Alive: 12 Quotes Offering Advice to Grads

In the spirit of all the unsolicited advice given to graduates, here are some potent counter-suggestions from authors who've seen some stuff.


Trailer Surfaces For Fan-Made Discworld Film

Inspired by Terry Pratchett’s Discworld series, “Troll Bridge” isn’t like most other films – it’s spent over a decade in production, and is entirely fan-made. Such


12 Libraries in Fiction We Wish We Could Visit in Real Life

In my experience, if there’s one thing book lovers have in common, (besides the obvious…), it’s a love of libraries. Plenty of quiet, comfy chairs, books stretching along shelves in every direct


Author Pins White House Leaks on Kellyanne Conway

Also in the news: Nebraska native Roxane Gay laughs at being called an "urban elite," and an A.I. spits out a fantasy author mashup. It's your Daily Blunt!


How to Help Underserved Kids See A Wrinkle in Time

The success of a campaign to help kids in underprivileged communities get to see “Black Panther” roar to life onscreen is no doubt some of the inspiration for this new effort, which is cro


Bark, Who Goes There? 10 Beloved Fictional Dogs

Let's take a momentary break from adoring all the real-life doggos, and revel in some of the made-up ones that turned us into pup lovers in the first place.