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The Best Texas Books, From Lonesome Dove to The Liar's Club

These novels, memoirs, and books of nonfiction by Larry McMurtry, Mary Karr, Lawrence Wright, and more bring the Lone Star State to life.


Lawrence Wright Demonstrates That Texas is a State of Multitudes

A look at how Lawrence Wright, longtime Texan and Texas insider, has taken Texas’s archetypes and explored them on a refreshingly human scale.


Lone Star Literature: 10 of the Best Texas Books

Roger Hodge, author of the new book Texas Blood, shared with Signature what he considers some of the best Texas books out there.


Why You Should Adopt a Resue Dog Instead of Going to a Puppy Mill

Peter Zheutlin, author of Rescued, makes the case for adopting rescue dogs and giving them a forever home as opposed to going to breeders.


Reading Through America’s Troubled History with Abortion Law

In November, the Supreme Court agreed to hear a challenge to new restrictions on abortion law in Texas, bringing the debate back to the fore.


Hung Up: Texting Habit Gets Madonna Banned From Alamo Drafthouse Theaters

Columbus Day is bringing us Madonna's bad behavior, Lee Daniels' and Michael Bay's next moves, and an oral history of Evil Dead 2.