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Missing Suitcase Caper Ahead of NBA Ceremony

[Video] Ruby Rose’s Batwoman Arrives in Teaser Trailer for The CW’s “Arrowverse” Crossover Event Among the many highs and lows of this year’s National Book Awards, the i


8 Fictional Families We’d Love to Spend the Holidays With

From the classic and the heartwarming, to the delightfully raucous, these are a few of the fictional families we’d love to visit for the holidays. 


Everyone’s Invited: 16 Quotes on the Power of Listening

You know what makes family time - and pretty much all time - that much more pleasant? Actually listening to what each other is saying. Try it.


Your Found-in-Fiction Cautionary Holiday Travel Guide

Holiday travel can no doubt be arduous. These fictional ways of getting around might make you feel a bit more grateful for your trip.


Thanksgiving on Film: 10 Great Movies We’re Grateful For

Thanksgiving is one of America’s greatest national traditions – and these ten films get it just right.


Mamushka: The Rich Foods of Ukraine Reveal a Nation in Flux

While Ukrainian politics are sorted out, tastier parts of life stay the same, owing to the country's role as the breadbasket of Europe, seen in 'Mamushka.'