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Shirley Jackson’s Short Story ‘The Lottery’ to be Adapted as Feature Film

One of the most famous short stories in American literature crafted by one of the twentieth century’s most influential suspense and horror writers, Shirley Jackson’s “The Lottery” remains both


Horror Queen Primer: 11 of the Best Shirley Jackson Books

Here’s a look at some of the best Shirley Jackson books, encompassing both her career as a writer and her lasting influence on the horror genre.


Liberty and Literature: 7 Bizarrely Banned Books

In the spirit of Banned Books Week, we've composed a list of lesser-known banned titles and the oddball reasons they've been put under the censorship microscope.


Raising Demons: Shirley Jackson’s Life Beyond ‘The Lottery’

You may know her from 'The Lottery,' but Shirley Jackson also regularly published stories in periodicals, drily hilarious accounts of a domestic life with her family.


Ruth Franklin On the Enduring Appeal of Shirley Jackson’s Life and Work

We caught up with Franklin between spurts of inspiration to discuss the writing process for her 2016 biography of Shirley Jackson, biography as a genre, and Jackson herself.


'The Wolf of Wall Street' Trailer Inspires Trove of Animated GIFs

Also this Friday, a look back at initial responses to Shirley Jackson's stunning story The Lottery, VICE's envelope pushing, and David Bowie's film retrospective.