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Conservation Lit: Best Books on the National Parks System

The National Parks Service is more essential than ever. Here are the best books to understand its creation and evolution.


Presidential Penmanship: The Best Books by U.S. Presidents

With the recent release of George W. Bush’s Portraits of Courage and news of the Obamas’ publishing deal, here are some best books by U.S. presidents.


The 11 Best Teddy Roosevelt Books According to T.R. Experts

We spoke with authors, historians, a great-grandson, a park ranger, and a Congressman about what books best capture the spirit of Teddy Roosevelt.


Kermit Roosevelt on the Dangers of Executive Power

We spoke with Kermit Roosevelt about the ways in which his family's history and his clerkship with David Souter played into his writing of Allegiance.


Against the Grain: How to Understand the Political Outsider

For as long as there have been politics, there have been those politicians who spin themselves as something new, something fresh – a political outsider, if you will. Here’s what you need to know.


Toss Out Your Self-Help Books and Read Teddy Roosevelt

All you need to know about living a good, honest, active, and damn-near-bulletproof life can be found in the speeches of Teddy Roosevelt.