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5 Reasons Why the World of High Finance Is Ripe Territory for Thrillers

Cristina Alger, author of THE BANKER'S WIFE, on why financial thrillers can be timely, explosive and sophisticated, and original.


10 Books to Help You Escape and Unwind

Whether you’re looking for a vicarious thrill, some romance, or a literary jaunt to a far-off locale, here’s some of our favorite escapist literature.


The Secret Reason We Love Thrillers

Catherine Steadman, author of Something in the Water, discusses the reason behind why readers can't get enough of thrillers.


Series to Start Now: Georges Simenon’s Inspector Maigret Mysteries

With more than fifty of George Simenon's novels available and translated, there’s no better time to explore the streets of Paris with Inspector Maigret.


Series to Start Now: Dean Koontz’s Action-Packed ‘Jane Hawk’ Thrillers

Bestselling author Dean Koontz has been writing the story of Jane Hawk at his usual blistering pace and this is an ideal time to dive in.


Weekend Rec: C.J. Tudor’s Riveting Read, The Chalk Man

C.J. Tudor's "The Chalk Man" is a riveting page-turner that will keep you guessing right up until the final page. In short, it’s a perfect weekend rec.