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They Don’t Just Act: 18 Celebrities With Books That Are Worth a Read

These celebrities don't just act - they also write. From Tom Hanks to Mindy Kaling, these celebrities have all written fantastic books.


The Making of a Dream Project: Liz Hannah on Writing ‘The Post’

We caught up with screenwriter Liz Hannah to discuss the process of getting 'The Post,' starring Tom Hanks and Meryl Streep, to the big screen.


12 Audiobooks to Get You Through the Crazy Holiday Season

A good audiobook can help you manage insane holiday excursions and long days spent with families. We’ve curated a list of twelve of our favorites. 


12 Conversation-Worthy Books to Help Avert Holiday Dinner Disaster

Don't wanna talk Trump over turkey? Wiggle out of any holiday conversation crisis by pivoting to a perfectly neutral topic. The following books should help!


Studios Are Mulling Over A Lord of the Rings TV Series

Also in our news roundup: Will China be the first to make contact with E.T.'s? Will Tom Hanks consider officiating weddings? It's all in your Daily Blunt.


Actors and Actresses Who Write, From Tom Hanks to Molly Ringwald

The release of Tom Hanks's Uncommon Type has us mining through the archives for other notable books published by actors like Molly Ringwald and more.