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10 Books to Help You Escape and Unwind

Whether you’re looking for a vicarious thrill, some romance, or a literary jaunt to a far-off locale, here’s some of our favorite escapist literature.


Writing and Travel: 10 Books on Traversing America

Nonfiction books by Joan Didion, Ken Ilgunas, David Owen, and more tell evocative tales of traversing America, from the Colorado River to Alaska.


10 Books on Legendary and Mythic Cities, and the Nature of Memory

Here’s a look at ten nonfiction books that can be found at the place where memory, geography, and mythology converge, from The Lost City of Z and beyond.


Alexander Mackenzie, Lewis & Clark of Canada, and Why I Told His Story

Brian Castner, author of Disappointment River, shares how he discovered Alexander Mackenzie's lost story, and why he decided to retell it himself.


How a Flight and a Drink Inspired My Latest Book

Chris Bohjalian, author of The Flight Attendant, shares what sparked his idea for his latest novel and why it was such a captivating book to write.


The World Down Under: 10 Best Books to Understand Australia

This list of ten books and novels, most written by Australian authors, should give insight into the literary world down under.