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10 Best True Crime Audiobooks to Keep You Up at Night

If you happen to be in between podcast obsessions or just in the market for a different experience, these are a few of our favorite true crime audiobooks.


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10 Best True Crime Books for Thriller Lovers to Take to the Beach

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8 of the Most Legendary Con Artists in Fiction and Real Life

From Catch Me If You Can to Fingersmith, here are 8 of our favorite books about wily con artists in fiction and nonfiction.


Discover the Real Florida in Books From Lauren Groff and Cutter Wood

Thoughts on Lauren Groff's new collection of short stories, Florida, and Cutter Wood's true crime book, Love and Death in the Sunshine State.


Killer Entertainment: Why Do We Love Reading About Serial Killers?

In the wake of the discovery of the Golden State Killer, author Alan Drew explores our society's love affair with entertainment about serial killers.