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Filmic Joan Didion: On the Writer and ‘The Center Will Not Hold’

The upcoming Netflix documentary, "Joan Didion: The Center Will Not Hold," will be released on October 27th. Here's a brief look at Joan's legendary life.


How I Transitioned from Writing Screenplays to Writing Fiction

Hart Hanson, author of The Driver, shares the differences between screenwriting and fiction writing, and how he translated his skills to become a novelist.


What Movie Studios Today Can Learn from ‘Thelma & Louise’

'Thelma & Louise' was a trailblazer when it was released in 1991. So why aren't movies in the age of 'Wonder Woman' measuring up?


Jay Chandrasekhar on Movie-Making, Comedy, and His Rise to Success

Director of Super Troopers Jay Chandrasekhar joins Beaks and Geeks to talk about starting out in comedy, making movies, and his rise to success.


10 Books to Read While Waiting for the Return of ‘Gilmore Girls’

Amber Brock, author of A Fine Imitation, joins Signature recommending 10 books to dip into while you're eagerly awaiting return of The Gilmore Girls.


Keep an Eye Out for These 2016 Small Screen Adaptations

This year promises to be a bold one when it comes to TV adaptations. From "Nancy Drew" to "11.22.63," here are the 7 adaptations we are most excited about.