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On the Fine Line in Art Between Inspiration and Appropriation

"Cultural identity can be a personal choice," writes Jamie James in The Glamour of Strangeness. But what happens when culture crosses borders as art?


Out of the Kitchen: From Book to Bakery and Back Again

For our Under the Influence series, Jessamyn Rodriguez - founder of the Hot Bread Kitchen - reflects on her parents, her motivation, and more.


Inside the Book Bunker: On the Importance of a Writing Partner

For our Under the Influence series, Renée Rosen pays tribute to her good friend and favorite critic, Sara Gruen.


How to Be Influenced by Authors Without Really Trying

For our Under the Influence series, Ryan Britt names the contemporaries from whom he has learned.


Girl Sleuths: Defying Expectations Since 1930 (At Least)

Erica Wright discusses girl sleuths, the much maligned idea of the 'relatable' character, and female empowerment in fiction.


Historical Resonance: On Longfellow, Hope, and the Holidays

For our Under the Influence series, Jennifer reflects on the optimism and hope created by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow's poetry and how it inspired her in her own writing.