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Tapping Into History to Write Historical Fiction

Jennifer Ashley, author of Death Below Stairs, shares tips on how to use history as a tool to write a well-researched novel.


Deanna Raybourn on Writing Victorians: They’re Just Like Us

Deanna Raybourn, author of the bestselling Lady Julia Grey series, argues that writing Victorians isn't as hard as it sounds, because they were just like us.


Butterflies and Beaus: The Very Modern Diaries of Margaret Fountaine

Deanna Raybourn, author of A Curious Beginning, joins us to discuss the unpredictable life of Margaret Fountaine, Victorian student of butterflies and, well, the human male.


Suck in and Suck it Up: How to Wear a Corset, Victorian Style

Few eras of history seem as inaccessible as the Victorian. BBC's Ruth Goodman explores history by living it - nuts, bolts, and -- here -- corsets and all.


The Creative Contradictions of Winston Churchill’s Victorian Beliefs

Lawrence James, author of the book Churchill and Empire, joins Signature to discuss the struggle within Winston Churchill between his liberal, Victorian beliefs and his personal allegiance to Britain and her imperial might.


Racing Around the World: A Q&A with Matthew Goodman, Author of Eighty Days

Signature caught up with Matthew Goodman, the author of Eighty Days, to find out more about Goodman's behind-the-scenes account of Nellie Bly, Elizabeth Bisland, and their epic race around the world.