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Rachel Kleinfeld on Violence, Law Enforcement, and What We Can Do

We chatted with Rachel Kleinfeld, senior fellow at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, about her powerfully argued and timely book.


From History to Now: 5 Best Books to Understand Serbia

These books on Serbia, written by Serbian authors and those familiar with the region and culture, will provide some understanding of the complex nation.


Revisiting Fourth Street in Charlottesville, VA a Year After the Attack

Talley English, author of Horse, shares a personal journey of hers as she revisits Fourth Street in Charlottesville a year after the White Supremacy attack.


Priya Satia Unveils the Violent Making of the Industrial Revolution

In Empire of Guns, Priya Satia presents evidence about the role of armaments manufacturing during the Industrial Revolution.


The 10 Most Terrifying Serial Killers in Fiction to Read Right Now

With "The Snowman" due to hit theaters on Friday, we thought this the perfect time to take a look at a fiction's most chilling and unnerving serial killers.


Nordic Noir 101: 12 Best Books to Get to Know the Genre

Nordic noir fiction centers on brutal crimes tinged with shocking violence. Here are twelve of the best nordic noir books to read right now.