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2018 Marks the 100th Anniversary of Willa Cather's My Ántonia

Exploring Willa Cather's handling of the traditional tension between town and country, and men and women, in honor of the 100th anniversary of My Ántonia.


10 Wise Quotes from Authors With December Birthdays

So many of our favorite writers were December babies. Here are some of their most quotable contributions to the subjects of life, love, and literature.


The Novel Has Been Over-Furnished: Willa Cather on the Art of Writing

Writers in search of guidance need only scan Willa Cather on Writing for some sharp doses of advice. “The novel,” she writes in an analysis of the difference between creating good fiction and bei


Chasing the Sun: 7 Quotes About Summer to Keep the Season Alive

We're as reluctant as you to let go of summertime. With that, we present these seven quotes about summer by writers who said it better than we ever could.


These Are the End Times: 12 Memorable Closing Lines

The closing lines of a book characterize the strange moment when reader and author finally say farewell to each other. Here are 12 of our favorites.


Among the Moderns: Coming, Aphrodite!, Willa Cather’s Jazz Age Tale

If the common conception of a Willa Cather plot involves dust, plains, and frustrated pioneer women and men, "Coming, Aphrodite!" offers something entirely different.