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A Land of Thieves: 14 Quotes on Treachery and Treason

We've got things like treachery and treason on the mind - as did these remarkable authors from throughout history, from Albert Camus to Anais Nin.


Forsake All Decency: 15 Quotes From William Blake’s ‘Proverbs of Hell’

Exploring the underworld with Blake, we become aware of the realities we may have inadvertently cut ourselves off from experiencing.


18th-Century Poet William Blake Alive and Well in Brooklyn, NY

In an effort to revive William Blake's forgotten works, writer/performer Tom Blunt will stage a performance of Blake's epic mythology, The Book of Urizen.


Dash Against Darkness: 10 Quotes Celebrating National Poetry Month

Enjoy this collage of stepping stones laid by poets across the past few millennia, celebrating the freedom and complexity of language.


Resolutions, Schmesolutions! 10 Author Quotes In Praise of Indulgence

As the year draws frantically to a close, let's hear a last-ditch case from 10 authors in favor of indulgence, misadventure, and outright hedonism.


Leia Organa to Receive New Title in ‘The Force Awakens’

'The Force Awakens' is bestowing a new title upon Princess Leia Organa and will provide stiff competition for other releases.