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Dreary Days: 10 Books to Make the End of Winter Darker and Sadder

Let's skip the facade and face the facts: Sometimes, we like being sad. These books are all perfect for when you're in the mood to be a little melodramatic.


10 Debut Novels That You Need to Read Before Spring 2018

Don’t let these debuts pass you by – pick up one (or many) of these mesmerizing reads, and get utterly lost in a newly fabricated fictional world.


Whole Lotta Hygge: 5 Best Books on Comfort and Coziness to Read Now

Winter is the ideal time for all things hygge, so check out the list of books below, and learn how to stay comfortable and cozy throughout this cold season.


Chilling Releases: The Top 20 Thrillers to Read This Winter Season

Winter is cold, dark, and eerie all on its own, so why not throw a thrilling read into the mix to take it to the next level?


In Praise of Reading in Wintertime

There’s something magical about the wintertime, in that it allows us to turn off and tuck in – and get lost in a wonderful book.


Fahrenheit Zero: 7 of the Best Novels Set in the Depths of Winter

Defrost your reading glasses, feed the fire, and crack open one of these eight novels that explore winter in all of its forms.