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5 Books that Bring Intersectional Feminism to the Forefront

What is intersectional feminism? For answers and inspiration on the topic, see this book list from author and activist, June Eric-Udorie.


Why We Need More Literature About Intersectionality and Young Women

Lorraine Berry looks closely at two feminist anthologies that remind us of the importance of intersectional feminism and the experiences of the young girls.


19 Shorts Every American Should Read to Understand Politics Today

As the 2018 midterm elections approach, we're encouraging Americans to read these shorts that cover healthcare, women's rights, truth in politics, and more.


Why Women Aren’t, Actually, Too Angry or Too Loud

As accusations arise from Brett Kavanaugh’s history, the phenomenon of the double standard as it applies to anger and gender becomes once again evident.


19 Best Books to Understand Fascism and How It Works

These books, fiction and nonfiction, shed light on the origins of fascism and the mechanisms that allow fascism to operate, even in our world today.


Your Voice, Your Vote: Women and the Importance of Voting

Author Christina Dalcher on the importance of voting and how women are especially affected when their voices aren't represented at the ballot box.