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11 Books Where Poetry and Politics Overlap

Here’s a look at 11 collections of poetry that make impressive use of the form and offer readers an increased perspective on the contemporary world.


Expand Your View: 14 Best Books on Politics to Read Now

These 14 books all touch upon the current state of political affairs. You might love them, or you might hate them - but you'll never know until you read.


Gladys Kalibbala Reminds Us That One Person Can Make a Difference

We're taking a moment to appreciate the selfless work of Gladys Kalibbala, a woman who is changing lives through her endless compassion and generosity.


Immigration in Fiction: 8 Novels to Read Now that Explore Immigration

Immigration has become a pressing issue. Though these 8 books are fiction, the questions they pose are the same ones that we see in the news today.


The Homeless Are Human, Too: 10 Books to Understand Homelessness

Most of Hollywood tends to drop the ball when it comes to issues of homelessness. These ten books help readers to properly empathize this important issue.


Do No Harm: 'He Named Me Malala' Director on Positive Change

Director Davis Guggenheim talks about his new doc, 'He Named Me Malala,' the Hippocratic Oath, and more.