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Why Books on the Craft of Writing Are Worth a Read

No matter the level of writer, there’s always room to grow. Books on writing expose new approaches to the craft to learn, and new perspectives to study.


Austen Heartland: A Guide to Jane Austen Houses and Places

For those interested in exploring the real-life settings behind the works of Jane Austen, we’ve pulled together this list of destinations.


The Story Cure: How to Revise a Draft Without Going Crazy

Nonfiction author Dinty Moore shares some tips and tricks on how to look through a draft and make important revisions painlessly.


Abbi Waxman on How Working in Advertising Helped Her as a Novelist

Author Abbi Waxman joins Signature to talk about how working in advertising helped her in her new career as a fiction writer.


Demystifying J. D. Salinger: A Q&A with Director Shane Salerno

The filmmaker behind the new documentary, ‘Salinger,’ joins W&F to talk about the man, the myth – and the reality.


Review of “Every Love Story Is a Ghost Story: A Life of David Foster Wallace”

In the opening paragraph of "Every Love Story is a Ghost Story," the book's subject arrives into the world. "Every story has a beginning," D.T. Max writes, "and this is David Wallace's." In the book's final paragraph Wallace is discovered by his wife, Karen Green, having committed suicide in 2008 at the age of forty-six. In between, Max's focus stays tight on Wallace himself, with only passing interest in the world around him. The result is a taut, unquestionable extension of Max's heart-crushing essay, The Unfinished, which ran in The New Yorker in 2009. Whether the biography marks an important moment in Wallace scholarship, however, is less certain.