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5 Common Grammar Mistakes Even the Best Writers Make

Everyone makes grammar mistakes. But we make them at different levels. Here are five common errors even the most literate people make.


Universal, but Personal: Hometown Settings in Thrillers

Lori Roy, award-winning author of THE DISAPPEARING, shares why hometown settings in thrillers are universal and unique at the same time.


The Difficulties of Writing a Cross-Border Memoir in Today’s World

Jean Guerrero, author of CRUX, discusses the hardships that come with writing a personal memoir amidst political and social change.


5 Reasons Why the World of High Finance Is Ripe Territory for Thrillers

Cristina Alger, author of THE BANKER'S WIFE, on why financial thrillers can be timely, explosive and sophisticated, and original.


The Secret Reason We Love Thrillers

Catherine Steadman, author of Something in the Water, discusses the reason behind why readers can't get enough of thrillers.


Making History: Characters in Narrative Nonfiction

Gary Krist, author of The Mirage Factory, on how narrative historians, like fiction writers, must write about characters who are fascinating to read about.