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Writing a Ghost Story: How to Get Your Reader to Suspend Disbelief

Paranormal writers: How can you get your readers to suspend disbelief? Simone St. James doles out some advice on the topic.


How to Write a Sympathetic Villain

How do you get an audience to relate to one of the most central figures in your thriller? Author Karen Rose offers tips on how to write sympathetic villains.


From Ideation to Revision: Margaret George’s Writing Advice

Margaret George doles out writing advice, from the ideation stage to the revision stage. Her best advice? See the project through.


Do Surgeons Get Writer’s Block? Author Meg Tilly on Inspiration

All writers suffer from writer's block at some point. Author Meg Tilly recalls a conversation she had with her surgeon friend about "surgeon's block."


On Writing, On Inspiration, On Sunset: A Q&A with Kathryn Harrison

Joan of Arc and The Kiss author Kathyrn Harrison talks to Signature about her writing process, her influences, and her latest book, On Sunset.


To Outline, or Not to Outline? How Jasmine Guillory Prepares Her Writing

Jasmine Guillory, author of The Wedding Date and The Proposal, discusses how and why she outlines when writing works of fiction.