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Listen Up, Writers: Never Ride Public Transportation Without a Notepad

Author Juliet Blackwell explains why all writers should never ride public transportation without a notepad and a pen readily available.


4 Key Responsibilities of Writers According to Philip Pullman

Attention authors: Philip Pullman has some advice for you. Here's an illustrated look at some of his tips for writers, from his collection, Daemon Voices.


All Writers Write Differently, But Here Are 4 Things We All Must Do

Every writer writes differently, but here are four things author Katy Regan knows we all keep in mind, starting with: just try and tell the truth.


Writing is Work, and You Need to Make Time for It

Writing is work, and needs to be treated as such. Here, bestselling author Karen White doles out some advice for how to take writing seriously.


If You Want to be a Writer, You Need to be Fearless: Here’s Why

Christina Dalcher, author of Vox, joined Signature to give her number one advice to emerging writers: be fearless. Everything else will follow.


There’s a Limit to Writing What You Know, and Here’s Why

The problem with writing what you know is you may just overwrite it. Here's how to make sure that you don't fall prey to the "write what you know" advice.