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A Chat with Dave Eggers’ Latest Subject: Mokhtar Alkhanshali

A lively discussion with bestselling author Dave Eggers' latest book subject, Yemeni coffee impresario Mokhtar Alkhanshali.


Immigrants Write: The Best Books to Understand Our World

As always, books are key to fostering knowledge in uncertain times. Here we turn to the best books to understand our world, nation by nation.


Yemen Revealed: Best Books to Understand a Complicated Nation

Yemen, one of seven Muslim-majority countries whose citizens Trump tried to ban from entering the U.S., has a history unlike any other.


The Safety Illusion: A Writer Builds Her Life in the Bedlam of Yemen

Safety is an illusion. Accidents and terrorism happen in London as well as in Yemen. I don’t like to contemplate it, but there are limits to our powers to protect our children.